As part of our “Get to know us!” initiative, we would like to introduce you to Ilaria Canzani, now based at the University of Cape Town as a visiting Master’s student.


“I am a young student in International Sciences. I got my BA in July 2015 at the University of Gorizia, and I am currently enrolled in a Binational Master’s Degree (Master COSM) between the University of Turin (Italy) and Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique of Rabat (Morocco). My decision to undertake this educational path originated from my passion for traveling and knowing different people and cultures. It is thanks to the same passion that I had the opportunity to experience a two weeks period in Romania as entertainer at institutes of day care center for abandoned children, three months internship in India – Mumbai – at The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (where I wrote my BA thesis India and wine: New frontiers for Italian exports), and the first six months course in Morocco, as part of the Master COSM program. Now I am in South Africa, Cape Town, as a visiting student at UCT in order to develop a research project on nation building in contexts and countries with different populations. The research is based on two case studies: South Africa and Morocco. In fact, I want to understand and study what are the factors and the power relationships that determine the sense of belonging to a community/nation. Due to its history and culture, South Africa is a very challenging country, which provides an ideal case study. It is my second time in South Africa, a country that I love since my one-year experience as Exchange Student in 2010 in Simon’s Town, where I lived with a Xhosa family and experienced the real African life. This experience has remained strongly impressed in my heart and in my mind, and left me the desire to come back and try to understand the lived dynamics, from a different and more mature point of view. “


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