Get To Know Us! Alessandro Medici

Who? Alessandro Medici What? PhD Researcher on Design Where? Cape Peninsula University of Technology I am a PhD student in the School of Design at the University of Leeds (UK). I am currently in Cape Town as part of the PARTY project (PARticipatory development with the Youth), a EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme […]

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Premi MAECI per la Cooperazione scientifica e l’Innovazione 2018

Il 5 febbraio 2018, presso la Sede del Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale, saranno assegnati i premi della Farnesina per ricercatori e “startupper” italiani all’estero che più si sono distinti nel Paese in cui operano. I premi, costituiti da una medaglia ed un diploma, saranno assegnati nel corso della Conferenza degli Addetti […]

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The conference series returned in style last night with its fifth instalment at the Centre for the Book. Jointly organised by the Network of Italian Researchers in the Cape (NIRC) and the Consulate of Italy in Cape Town, aims to bring together the Italian community, friends of Italy and/or of science to discuss interesting […]

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ResearchNight.IT : “How connected are you? Putting some network science in your life” – 30 November 2016 @ The Bank

Networks and graphs are all around us, even if we don’t notice much: roads, the electricity grid, the airline routes, the Uber taxis in Cape Town, even your group of real and Facebook friends – they’re all networks involving, if you bring it down to the basics, some nodes and links between these nodes. Scientists have been getting more and more interested in these networks and especially in classifying their ‘shape’. Are all networks the same? Are there ‘universal’ types of networks? Is a Facebook-friend network the same shape as an electricity grid network? How do networks evolve? What can we do with networks? These are some of the questions we discussed at our led by Dr Hugo Touchette.

Slides Available Here!

Dr Hugo Touchette is Chief Researcher at the National Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stellenbosch. He moved there in 2013 after spending 9 years in the School of Mathematical Sciences, at Queen Mary University of London. He holds a PhD from McGill University in Canada, where he is from.

Let us know how you liked the presentation and watch out for future events on this page and/or on our facebook page.




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Italian – South African Research Cooperation Workshop – Pretoria – 7 Dec 2016

South Africa and Italy have pursued a successful bilateral research cooperation since 2000. This cooperation has financed numerous joint research projects between researchers which also included the training of students and young researchers. This current bilateral programme is due to end and the two countries have agreed to continue building on the previous success, grow […]

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